Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my jewelry?
Kemi Designs Jewelry is made of high quality materials and with minimal cleaning and care, will last a life time. Solid sterling silver and 10k gold jewelry is easily cleaned with regular dish soap and water. Gold plated jewelry can be gently cleaned with soap and water. But please be aware that any vigorous scrubbing will take off the layer of gold plating. If you plan on wearing your rings everyday, please consider ordering a solid sterling silver or 10k gold piece. They will withstand cleaning and constant wear much better than a plated piece. Regular silver tarnish remover can be used on both solid sterling silver and 10k gold pieces to remove any oxidation (see section on tarnishing below). Tarnish remover should not be used on gold plated jewelry. If your piece is in need of repair, please email kemidesigns@gmail.com to arrange shipping and repair charges. Prices will vary according to the piece and the extent of damage. Please note, the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges.

What is Gold Vermeil?
Gold Vermeil is a thin layer of real gold plated over a piece of solid Sterling Silver jewelry. Gold Vermeil will eventually wear off, revealing the silver beneath. Earrings and necklaces will keep their plating longer than rings. Please note that plating will wear off quickly on rings that are worn everyday, that are worn while swimming or kept on in the shower. To minimize the wear of vermeil plating please avoid contact with water and rough surfaces. Plated jewelry does not tarnish like silver. If you would like to have your piece re-plated, please email first. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges for re-plating. If you would like to wear your jewelry everyday or if you tend to be rough on your jewelry, please consider ordering a solid 10k gold option. It will withstand wear and tear, gold vermeil will not, and will need to be re-plated periodically in order to keep its gold color.

Will my piece tarnish?
Tarnish or darkening of the metal, especially in recesses of the piece, is caused by oxidation of the surface layer of metal. It occurs over time with exposure to air and moisture. Wearing your jewelry in the water or during bathing will speed up tarnishing. Storing your jewelry in a dry airtight container will inhibit tarnish. Silver cleaner form the hardware or pharmacy is an easy way to clean the tarnish from your silver and gold jewelry. Please note, some people develop dark areas on their fingers when wearing sterling silver rings. This is a normal reaction between the silver and a person’s body chemistry. Both sterling silver and 10k gold tarnish. 10k gold will tarnish at a much, much slower rate than silver. Some people can wear 10k jewelry for years without any tarnish or darkening at all. It depends on your body chemistry, the climate you live in and how often you wear your jewelry.