People keep asking about my skin, and here's why...

People keep asking about my skin, and here's why...

Our bodies are amazing.  I'm 4 months away from turning 30 and like clockwork suddenly I'm super aware of my skin.  Dark spots, wrinkles, you name it. I hate to, haaaate to say it, but my mother was right all those times she yelled at me for baking in the sun for hours at a time when we would go on vacation.  I have read though, that our skin is constantly shedding and replacing cells and that it's not impossible to reverse the damage, so I started a new skin routine....and I love it.

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      I used to buy every acne clearing product there was on the shelf.  Then I read somewhere that not EVERYone has acne, and that's not always the problem with your skin.  In fact, a lot of times you could be causing acne from those products.  So I found this face wash at Sephora and it's a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I bought the 5 oz, and yes, it's a little pricey, but its huge and you only need a small drop once a day and it'll last you a long time.  Worth it for good skin!

GlamGlow SuperCleanse

GlamGlow SuperCleanse


I bought a Clarisonic brush ages ago when it was all the rage, and I remember loving it, and then it breaking, and forgetting about it.  It really is a great product though, and it forces you not only to scrub deep but to wash your face longer than 2 seconds.  Only thing is, you don't NEED the Clarisonic brand.  Personally, I think they're a rip off (they all do the same thing!).  So I bought this one from Amazon instead to use with the facewash.  $23.57 :) :)


Finally bit the bullet and bought this guy that I've been hearing so much about.  It is liiiiiving up to its name.  You just take a q-tip, stick it in until it hits the pink solution at the bottom, and dab it onto a pimple or cyst you see about to form. It completely dries it out over night....magic


Sticking with amazing Mario Badescu products.  This one is a game changer.  I thought it was total bullshit at first.  Even the name "rose water" sounds like a scam. BUT, it is not, my friends, it is truly incredible.  You'd be amazed at how dry skin can affect it's appearance.  You just spray this guy on your face after applying your makeup to help set it, or just spray it on after you've come home from being out for a while and it completely revitalizes your skin.  You can actually feel it moisterizing and working minutes after you use it.  Best part? Its only $7 and you can find it (and the one above!) at Urban Outfitters.  Another good reason to go into that damn addicting store.


I got a facial not too long ago and when the lady asked when was the last time I had my last one and I told her 4 years ago she almost threw up.  Apparently you're supposed to get them every month?? Ya, ok Mariah Carey.  BUT, these face masks are like mini facials, and you can do them at home 2-3 times a week, and in my head, thats pretty good.  This one is still a favorite and when you use it, it looks like you did one of those cool mud baths you see in the Caribbean. Thank you Bobbi.


Ah...serums.  I'm still trying to fully figure out what they do.  All I know is basically your moisturizer doesn't fully work unless you put this on first. It protects your skin, and balances it, reverses signs of ages, it does it all.  Took me a while to use one regularly, but I'm glad I do now.  This one in particular is superb, but it's definitely pricey and the only reason I got it was from a sample in my Birchbox.  If you don't want to spend this much on a serum then just buy any old one from the drugstore or sephora and I'm sure it all does the same thing.


I've full blown skipped buying moisturizers and just use coconut oil instead.  For everything.  I eat it, drink it, wear it, make love to it.  The BEST one I've found (it smells so good!) is this one from Trader Joes.  Just use a tiny bit all over your face after you use your serum and it does wonders.  If you can't get yourself to a Trader Joes click on the picture above and it will direct you to Amazon where they also sell it. God I love Amazon.

Alright well, hope this was a tiny bit helpful and you can find and love at least one of these products to bring into your routine! Sorry I've been MIA on doing blogs...was busy making jewelry :)



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