Gold Plated vs Solid Gold

Gold-plated vs solid gold

solid gold and gold-plated difference in colorGold-Plated explained

14k Gold-Plated

Gold-plated is a thin layer of real gold coated over a piece of solid silver or brass. Gold-plated does eventually wear off revealing the color underneath. Earrings and necklaces will keep their plating longer than rings because they have less contact with skin. Plating will wear off more quickly on things that are worn everyday. It is recommended that you take off your plated jewelry when doing things like showering, swimming or applying lotions.

Solid Gold care and instructions

Solid Gold

Solid gold is an alloy composition made of gold and durable metals like zinc, nickel, silver and copper along with rhodium plating. This sturdy blend is resistant to corrosion, rust and tarnish. The karatage, which is expressed in 24ths and designated by the number "k" denotes the purity level of the gold. Solid gold is recommended for pieces that you want to wear everyday without taking off.

FAQ on gold vs gold-plated

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