Creative ways to donate your belongings

If you're like me, you have way too many clothes and shoes and make-up to handle.  A lot of times I realized I actually wear LESS of what I own when my closet is crowded because I'll be too lazy to look through it and just end up wearing the same things over and over. I try to clean out my apartment 2-3 times a year and donate as much as I can.  Here's a list of some different ways you can donate, some of which even give you rewards in return!


This is absolutely my new favorite way to donate.  My neighbor Paige (hi Paige!) told me about it a while back and I'm addicted.  Basically it's easy, you sign up online (click on picture to be directed to their website) and ask to receive one of their Thred Up bags.  Once it comes in the mail, you fill it up with as much clothes (and even shoes!) as possible and drop it off at your nearest FedEx.  It's that simple! Once it's recieved they go through your clothes and you actually get MONEY back on anything they're able to re-sell! They can either send you the money via paypal, send you a visa pre-paid card or you can use the money direct from you account to shop through their site! Best. Idea. Ever.


Who would have thought?? Bring your clothes to the cash register at H&M to donate and you'll receive a 15% off voucher from them immediately! It's as easy as that. (**the clothes do not have to be from H&M)

Womens Shelter

I personally have collected so much makeup either from buying cheap ones that I never end up using, or from my birchbox that I just hoard and they pile up.  Make-up can be donated to nearly any womens shelter to give to victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking or mental illness.  To donate to this specific one click on the picture and it will bring you to the contact info for Nora Tarr who is absolutely lovelyyy and will tell you how and where to send it to!

The Beauty Bus Foundation

Speaking of donating make-up, this charity enlists beauty professionals to visit homes and hospitals to spruce up the lives (and appearances) of the terminally ill as well as their caregivers. Beauty bus also compiles gift bags of goodies for the sick! Click on the photo above or simple mail your items to

Beauty Bus Foundation
2716 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 1062
Santa Monica, CA 90405  

Dress for Success

This non-profit organization prepares less-fortunate ladies for job interviews by providing professional attire and career training courses. The group accepts unopened products, business suits, shoes, AND jewelry.  Head over to:

32 East 31st Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10016
on the third saturday of each month between 11am and 2pm


When all else fails, go to Goodwill.  Easy, effective, and tax deductible (so don't forget your receipt!) Click on the above link to find locations on the map or see below for locations near you.

Hope this article was helpful! Happy friday and cheers to the weekend :)



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