24 Hours in Paris

         There are many perks of being the daughter of a flight attendant, I thank my lucky stars my mom decided to go with the hippie movement and join American Airlines 38 years ago.  This time though, I was able to be on the plane while she worked, which was a new treat for me.  She called last minute to say she had a trip to Paris with a long lay-over that looked wide open...noooo brainer.

        There are so many amazing cities overseas, but if you had only 24 hours, Paris is the way to go.  With so many things to see, do and eat (of course) and the easiest metro system to navigate, I tried to pack in as much as I possibly could and completely ignore the possibility of  jet lag. 

         Here's our perfect day in Paris :)

Cute pa-tootie mom

First class babyyyy #spoiled

....there were only 3 of us in the whole first class (all relatives to flight attendants)

Early morning stroll

Palais Royal - my favorite place in Paris to date.  Got there super early so no one was there yet and they had these fun black and white stumps sectioned all across this beautiful courtyard.

The Louvre! RIGHT across the street from the Palais Royal...two birds, one stone on a tight schedule.

Since it was still early there was no line to get in! 15 euros at the door, and I zipped straight to the most famous painting in history.....

not quite sure that's allowed

Cliche croissant 

Happiest french pups I ever did see

Spotted the Ferris Wheel when I exited the museum! Just a football field away, and perfect because my mom was still napping :D

There she is!

After I rudely woke her up, we kept saying Crepes and Coffee, Crepes and Coffee, we need to find french crepes and coffee.  The concierge suggested this little cafe called La Belle Ronde  (located in the 13th arrondissement) which was tucked away down an alley that just served those two things, and it did NOT disappoint. 

Walking along Rue Daguerre after the crepe cafe

you crazy

Cathedrale Notre Dame

Hi Mike!

Cliche Macaroons

Didn't go here, but it was pretty

My mom and her "crew" absolutely love this restaurant.  Its called le "Relais de l'Entrecote" and it legitimately only serves steak and fries. Only menu we saw was for wine which was dirt cheap and all they ask is how you would like your steak cooked and they serve it with this amazing sauce and the best fries you'll ever have. Best part? It's unlimited!!

Left straight from dinner to go to see the Eiffel Tour at night.  I had seen it once before but I wanted to see it when it sparkles which apparently is the first 5 minutes of every hour (after it's dark out).  I had no idea what time it was when I left but when I got out of the metro it was exactly 2 minutes to 9, and just when I walked up to it, the lights started flashing! Such an amazing site to see.

Decided to make a mini music video to show our amazing 24 hours in the city of lights! Enjoy!



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