12 gift ideas for Mothers Day


     [muhth-er] - noun

      1. One person who does the work of twenty.  For Free.

      (See also: 'masochist', 'loony', 'saint'.)


Mothers day is 3 weeks away and it's time to get crackin on that present! I've curated a list of the pieces that sell the BEST when it comes to mothers.  Click on the pictures to be directed to the link to buy :)

The Mor-Rockin Necklace

Honestly, I never would have thought this would be a great pic for mothers until I noticed how many women of that age range were buying it.  For the eclectic mom, the weekend warrior, and the "I survivied the 70's" kind of woman.

The *Custom* Gold-plated Necklace

This guy is a no-brainer.  By far the best seller, probably because it can relate to anything.  Add a birthdate, kids initials, a heart, anything that would be relatable and completely make her heart explode when she opens it (that's the aim anyway, right?)

The Achey Breaky Heart Bracelet

What mom isn't a sucker for hearts.  The love that a mother gives is unlimited, and something that should never be taken for granted.   Best part about this piece is you can leave it plain or add tiny initials to it.  Custom jewelry for the win.

The Tomahawk Ring With Diamonds

If your mom is anything like mine, they looooove sparkly things.  I think that starts the second they get a wedding band on their finger, and they just can't go back to regular rings.  This dainty ring is perfect to pair or stack on any finger.  Also available in silver or white-gold upon request (to match her other rings of course).

New Mother Agate Bracelet

We can't forget about all the new moms, or even moms to be! Agate crystals promote inner stability and composure.  They are great to use during pregnancy in which they help new mothers avoid the "baby blues" sometimes experienced after giving birth.  Crystals, as I'm told, harness energy, so keeping this on your body will emit these undeniable positive vibes. 

Tiny Elephant with Diamond Eye Bracelet

Going with the theme with new moms, this bracelet is another crowd pleaser.  Elephants are a symbol of happiness, longevity and good luck. No wonder they're a popular pattern for baby rooms.  Buy one for the mother and a tiny size one for the baby.  ::::heart melting::::

*Custom* Coordinates Necklace

Another best seller.  This guy (also available in a bracelet under the 'bracelets' tab) is perfect to keep your home close or remembering a special place.  Reversible coordinates also available, or if you wanted to add initials to the back side.  Double Wammy.

Love Is Blind Braille Bracelet

There are few things cooler than hidden messages.  This bracelet (also available in all silver minus the stones) is perfect for expressing your love.  With diamonds creating the braille message on one side and the word "LOVE" engraved on the back, she'll never forget you'll always be there.

Love Is Blind Ring

Couldn't not put the original Love Is Blind ring on this list.  Moms just love it.

Smaller Breed Studs

Give your mother a way to keep her flock close with these simple, tiny feather studs.  Birds of a feather....

Robot Tears Earrings

Can't afford diamonds? Why not get the next best thing, earrings that LOOK like diamonds.  This geometric shape is a popular favorite among mothers.  Dipping just a little below the ear lobe, these sterling silver earrings are also available in gold vermeil. 

Heart to Heart Bracelet

Last but not least, love overload.  This bracelet sits perfectly on the wrist and is a constant reminder of the love that surrounds her.  Add initials anywhere, create a word or phrase, or leave as is.


Hope this makes your mothers day shopping a little bit easier!  Just consider me your personal jewelry designer :)  Much love to the moms out there...we wouldn't be here without you <3



 ***email me at kemidesigns@gmail.com with any custom ideas that you have as well!

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